Our goal is to help clients whose pets suffer from behavioral problems. Consultations are designed to help you understand why your dog or cat is suffering, and assist in reestablishing positive pet mental health.

Dogs and cats can suffer from a multitude of ailments ranging from severe phobias to aggressions. The first step in controlling these issues is to understand the "what and why" of each situation. Proper diagnosis dispels myths in behavior. It is common for a pet owner to assume that their pet is just being spiteful when in fact they may have a behavioral problem. We strive to help our clients learn the real reasons for their pet's behavior and then find realistic options for a treatment plan.

Common behaviors include:

Dogs: aggressions, fears, phobias, housetraining difficulties, compulsiveness
Cats: house soiling, marking, aggression, fears, phobias

Behavior consultations range between 1.5 – 2 hours and include a review of your pet's history, evaluation, diagnosis, and development of a treatment plan.

Types of treatment plans include:

  • Behavior modification
  • Medication
  • Environmental changes
  • Medical recommendations