Bradford Hills Veterinary Hospital offers veterinary Cryosurgery to remove unwanted skin growths or masses from dogs and cats.

Our veterinarians use an instrument called a CryoProbe. It is a pen-like instrument which uses small Nitrous Oxide cartridges to deliver quick and effective freezing treatments to eliminate small benign growths from your pet’s skin. It can treat growths as small as 1 mm up to about 10 mm. Larger growths may be treatable, but will take multiple treatments.

The CryoProbe is a practical solution to your pet's skin lesions. It allows our doctors to remove skin imperfections with the precision of a scalpel, without any cutting. No anesthesia is necessary and treatments are fast, safe and effective.  

In some cases a local anesthetic block will be applied, depending on the location of the growth, and mild injectable sedation may be necessary for some pets so they will remain still for the treatment. You can take your companion home on the same day, and these treatments can be done during a normal office visit.

The CryoProbe works by freezing the unwanted tissue with a precise flow of Nitrous Oxide. This damages the cells and cuts off supply from the blood vessel, until the growth eventually falls off. You may have had a wart treated in this manner at the dermatologist. 

Side effects are limited, and there is little to no discomfort. The side effects that can be seen are hair loss at the treated area and sometimes change in the pigmentation of the skin.

Please call (724) 935-5827 more information and to see if Cryosurgery may benefit your pet.