pet owner walking dogBradford Hills is proud to announce our “PAWS” for Health Campaign – a new program for health and wellness.

You and your pet can join the challenge today. Pick up your free "PAWS Pack," which includes:

  • A pet food measuring cup
  • A water bottle
  • A list of healthy snacks
  • A leash or cat toy
  • Bradford Hills tote bag

You will be registered to participate in our challenge, and can log your daily activity and weekly progress on our Facebook page. Set and achieve your goals and you and your pet could win fun prizes.

For optimal results, incorporate our Biggest Loser Pet Competition. You will have “weigh in’s” for your pet and receive a complimentary bag of Hills Metabolic Advanced Weight food.

“PAWS” for health is new way to get fit with your pets! Together, you can achieve the four goals of healthy living:


One of the easiest ways to feel fit is to stick to portion control. Keeping a record of daily calories can help you stay on track. Measuring food is ideal for fitness, and can prevent over-eating or even stomach upset after meals. Most pet foods have a label with the appropriate amount of food to feed your pet each day. If you’re dieting with your pet, be sure to consult your health care provider, and your pet's veterinarian to design the best plan.


Staying active is essential for healthy living. Setting goals and creating a routine allows you and your pet to work at your own pace. Staying motivated can be tough, but starting with smaller targets can keep you and your pet feeling the thrill of success. Increasing pet playtime or a slightly longer walk can make a huge impact on your fitness goals! Trade the couch for a cat toy, or the recliner for a run. Sticking to a schedule can also help you achieve success and stay motivated.


Did you know that our bodies are 60% water? Hydration is important for any fitness regimen. Water is important for our bodies to help with temperature regulation, digestion of food, and allow cells to grow, reproduce and survive. The average person needs about 11-15 cups of water on a daily basis. Pets need water too, about 5-10 ounces a day for the average cat; and 1-2 ounces per pound of body weight per day for dogs. Remember to keep fresh water available for your pets at home and on the go! You can purchase collapsible water dishes to use during travel or away from home. Keep your water bottle handy for those warmer temperature days and during longer exercise.


You are what you eat! Make sure your snacking doesn't spiral your goals out of control. Choosing healthy alternatives can keep you and your pet staying fit and trim. Did you know that many low calorie foods are good for both you and your pet? Snacks like baby carrots, green beans, and bananas are just a few tasty treats both you and your pet can enjoy. Pet food stores also have a wide variety of "lean" treats that are lower in calories and may help your pet's health.

So pick up your pack today and start your path to a healthier lifestyle, for you and your furry friends!